The name's Wade, but the internet calls me w8dey. I'm a skater at heart and creative by nature. With a Bachelor of Art's degree under my belt, I understand the importance of time management, persistence and creative expression. Interested in my work? Reach out to me to discuss your vision! Need an extra hand for an upcoming photo/video shoot? Worry no more, I'll have your sea salted latte ready and lighting set up ready for production. Let's work together.

Wade has lead and helped set-up classroom and studio demos for photography courses at Southern Illinois University.  Winner of the 2015-2016 Charles Swedlund Award. Published in journals and self published a documentary book. Covers any event and puts in endless effort to make the outcome aesthetically pleasing. Works behind the scenes shooting stills for cinema productions. He can set-up lighting for an effective and engaging photo and work the model game.  
Thank you!
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